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From a young age, owner Mike Saratsiotis was surrounded by delicious home-cooked food.

Mike noticed an incredible difference between home-cooked and store-bought meals from spending time with his Greek/Ukrainian grandparents after school. He also spent every Saturday morning with his mother at the Hamilton Farmers Market, navigating the busy aisles and clashing aromas for the freshest, most flavourful meat and produce money could buy. He didn’t know at the time, but this routine would create a lasting impression on him. 

Years later, after working in several restaurants in Hamilton, Ontario and with a wealth of experience, he felt the urge to create something new and exciting. There was new life within the city, with a burgeoning culinary and arts scene painting a new picture of Hamilton over it’s older, rougher image. One aspect he found particularly interesting was the emergence of food truck culture, and the realization that one could bring gourmet, fresh food to the masses. With his recent experience managing a popular health food restaurant, he had an idea. The GREEN MACHINE FOOD TRUCK was born! 

After starting in June 2016, the Green Machine is entering its first full food truck season with an upgraded menu and a full calendar. You can catch sight of this big green beauty on the streets of Hamilton and surrounding area, and at your favourite festivals throughout the spring and summer!

Fresh, local ingredients

because why would you want anything else?

Everything on our menu is locally sourced and home made. We don't do processed, we don't do imported, and we don't do fake. We sell real, healthy food. And we're proud of it.

Our incredible

smoothie menu

Classic vanilla strawberry banana
Pom-Berry blast
Weekly feature
Tropical breeze
Monkey's Paradise
Green Machine smoothie


Mixed Berry
Seasonal Flavours

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order online, and we'll deliver soup to your door.


Hearty & Healthy

Soup menu

potato, leek & Bacon
chicken and rice
curried broccoli
tomato bisque
Sweet Potato & Butternut Squash
split pea & ham
hearty lentil & vegetable (Vegan)

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